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Engineering Plans

Problem solving at its finest

Smart Watch

New Product Development

At iNSPIRE Design, we take your napkin sketch and turn it into a fully realized product. Our team of experts will work with you to work on the new product design and development process for your product, ensuring that every detail is accounted for.

Reverse Engineering

Our specialization in reverse engineering services allows us to take existing products and improve upon them or develop similar products with added features and functionality.


Our prototyping capabilities allow us and our clients to physically test the product before it ever goes into production, reducing development  costs incurred to our clients while improving efficiency. We use the latest technology and materials to create precise, accurate and functional prototypes.

Design for Manufacturing

Our team has years of experience designing products for manufacture. Product designers usually overlook this process, leading to inefficient designs that prove to be expensive to change later. We work closely with manufacturers to ensure this doesn't happen with our clients.

Electronics Prototyping

Being a mechanical device design firm, a unique service we offer is prototyping of electro-mechanical devices. We use and program boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create a proof of concept for your electronic device. This significantly reduces development costs at an early stage.

Documentation and Regulatory Support

With multiple years of experience and various resources at our disposal, iNSPIRE Design is able to offer regulatory support and the required documentation to bring your product to the market while keeping in mind the required quality control process in mind.

Verification Testing

With numerous state-of-the-art equipment available to us, we can provide excellent verification testing capabilities to our clients to ensure their product complies not only with the regulatory standards but also with their personal quality standards.

Product Animation

In an industry first, not only do we help design, prototype, validate and bring your product to market, but we also offer to  design and create product animations so you can show something to your investors, making iNSPIRE Design much more than just a product design and development firm!

Services We Offer

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